25 Must Have Books for Your Baby

Found this list to have some great staples to get your baby started on a love of reading.  I know some of my favorites are on here and I hope you discover some new loves too!



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Science Experiments

science for kids


As you have heard the theme of Summer Reading this year is Fizz Boom Read or in other words all about the wonders of science.   During week 3 which is next week we will be exploring the Earth and how it works.  In the mean time I came across this post on the Kids Activities Blog http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/53198/preschool-science-experiments-2 of some fun experiments to do at home!!


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photo credit: http://www.kidspot.com.au/kids-activities-and-games/Science-experiments+10/Oily-mixtures+11054.htm

Keeping Kids Reading During the Summer

As you all have heard the library offers a summer reading Program every year. It is a wonderful opportunity to keep you kids reading and learning all summer!! I stumbled onto this article today and loved that it encouraged participation in summer reading and also offered so other good ideas on how to keep your kids reading this summer!!!


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Fizz Boom Read – Summer Reading Program 2014

Summer Reading is SO.MUCH.MORE than just reading during the summer! In the next few blog updates I write, I’m going to tell you about the 3 components that make up our Summer Reading Program here in Clarkston. Those three components are our weekly Family Programs, our weekly age-specific Activity Programs and the Reading Competition. Today we will highlight the great Family Programs we have in store for this summer!

Of course our first great family program is our Kick-Off Party on June 23rd from 6-8 pm. Not only can you sign up for our Summer Reading competition at this program, but the Oakland County Retro Games will be here with all kinds of fun games that will take you back in time, and show your children how fun “the olden-days” were! According to their website,
“Retro Games includes many field day favorites like sack races, egg-and-spoon relays, tug-o-war ropes, kickball and parachute games. Other activities include hula hoop contests, arts and crafts, scooters, giant foam javelins, bean bag toss games, sidewalk chalk and much more!”
In addition to sign up and the games, we will have face-painting and free popcorn! We can‘t wait to see you!

Every Monday following the kick off (except for July 21 – but don’t worry – we have something really special planned for July 22 instead!) we have other Family Programs in the works. First up on June 30th, we have Science Alive coming to the library! They have an enormous python, (who I plan on staying far away from) that I am sure lots of my little friends will absolutely love!

On July 7, the Bats from the Cranbrook Convservatory will visit. A little birdie told me that some of our early five friends took a trip to Cranbrook this spring, but the bats weren’t there, and they didn’t get to see them . Well, isn’t it great that we will all get a chance to see at least four real-live bats up close and personal at this excellent show!
(P.S. – the two programs mentioned above require registration, and each have two sessions. After June 23rd, click this link to register or give us a call at 248-625-2212)

July 14 brings us Mr. Alex Thomas and Friends. These guys put on a muppet-like puppet show, with some life-sized looking puppets! The show promises to be interactive and fun, and I hope lots of you can make it.

On July 28th the amazing magician, Mr. Gordon Russ will grace us with his magical performance! He’s been here before, but not for quite a while, and I know how much this community loves a good magician! Come cheer him on for this fun show!

Oh, yeah, I promised something special on the 22nd! In honor of our Science theme, we decided to have a program which focused on the environment. Specifically, recycling. So, on the 22nd, please join us at 7 pm in our meeting room for the INVENTOR CENTER! We have been collection people’s recycling, in all shapes and sizes, all forms and colors, and we plan put it all out for you with some basic craft supplies, like glue, glitter, paint, construction paper, etc, and let you go wild! Create whatever your imagination can come up with! We will take pictures of your finished products (if you will let us!) and share them on our Facebook page, as well as maybe displaying a few in the library! Can’t wait to see you there!
Next up: a little about our activity-based programs


Summer Reading 2014

Summer Reading

Registration begins June 23rd, with our Kick-off Party featuring the Oakland County Retro Games!  Come join us at 6 p.m. for some fun old-school games and face-painting outside the library.  Oh, and free popcorn!  After that, come on in and register for the summer reading program.  This year we will have a guessing jar contest.  For every hour your child reads, or is read to, he/she will have an opportunity to guess how many ‘whatsits’ are in our guessing jar!  The person who comes closest wins a prize!  You can have up to ten guess a week.  Every week we will have a new jar, and a new opportunity to win stuff!  Also, for each week your child turns in a log, he/she will receive a small surprise.  If he/she turns in 5 out of the 8 logs, they can choose a free book!

Of course this is just the reading component of summer reading.  We can’t forget all the fun programs we have going on!  Every week in July we have craft/activity programs going on for kids from age 0-18!  Check out the newsletter for details.  And on Monday evenings, beginning June 30 (except for July 21) we have terrific performers coming to visit!  We will have animals, including bats and snakes, magicians and puppeteers!  On Tuesday July  22nd, we will be hosting the “Inventor Center” .  This great recycled craft program will let your children create to their heart’s content with all the recyclables we have been collecting all spring and summer!  It’s amazing what they will do!

Summer reading will wrap-up with a big celebration involving ice cream, crafts and games on August 11th.  Once again, check out our newsletter and work us into your summer plans!  Summer Reading is a great way to prevent your children from doing the notorious “summer slide” and it’s also just plain fun!  Looking forward to seeing you all!