4th Wall Theatre Group

This November, the thespians from 4th Wall Theatre will be visiting and helping us create and put on a play!

The 4th Wall Theatre troupe is a group that I was lucky enough to see in person at the Adaptive Umbrella conference at the Bloomfield Township Public Library last winter.  This was a conference about how,  as librarians, we can best serve our special needs communities.  4th Wall does a lot of work with special needs groups.  However, they also work with neuro-typical children, and they are amazing!  Their enthusiasm is infectious.  The librarians in the audience at the Adaptive Umbrella conference were able to experience first-hand some of the acting exercises they do with their groups, and I was won over!  I’ve never been involved in acting, but watching these people perform and teach, I realize how valuable these skills could have been for a shy person, like myself.

I hope that you will bring your children to this two-hour workshop, where participants will create and perform their own short production.  4th Wall promises that every single child and adult who attends this program will be actively involved in the production of the final play!  Registration for this program is required – just follow the link!  http://scheduling.indelib.org/evanced/lib/eventcalendar.asp




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