Summer Reading is almost over

Summer Reading is almost over.  I loved the theme this year.  Science.  It gave us, as facilitators, such a wide array of activities and crafts to choose from.  I love that we are able to develop and facilitate programs based on the age of the participants.  By dividing up the age groups the way our library does, we are able to give our kids a much deeper, more relevant personal learning experience than if we could only do big programs that enveloped all ages. This summer we got to see light bulb after light bulb go off on little faces as our 3-5th graders learned about motion through catapults.  Our young 2-4 year olds learned about states of matter as they watched ice (a solid) melt into water (a liquid) with the help of some salt and warm water, and our Kindergarten through 2nd graders learned about reactions, as they observed what some drops of soap and food coloring into a container of milk will do! (The food coloring sort of “explodes” out into this really cool marble effect!)  Each experience was meaningful to each child, because these activities were planned with their developmental abilities and needs in mind.

I hope we will be able to continue to plan great age-appropriate activities for our young library community well into the future.  We also plan to continue our great Monday evening family programming so your whole family can play and learn together! Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to come to our Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party on August 11 at 7 pm.  There will be games, crafts and treats galore to celebrate all the reading we’ve done this summer!


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